Match Overview:

The finals qualifier rounds are here and the first match of the qualifiers will be played between Bellary Tuskers and Belagavi panthers. Both the teams have tried their best to reach up to this point and are the two teams which finished at the top of the table after the group matches were finished.

Although the Bellary Tuskers are the strongest side of KPL this year Belagavi Panthers have made their return winning consecutively three of their last matches. Both the teams will be at their prime in today’s match and will surely be looking forward to sweeping this match of today.

Team Overview:

Bellary Tuskers:

It certainly seems surprising that the team who scored 240 runs in t20 and still lost the match. The entire season the performance of the Bellary Tuskers was very exceptional in batting but were unable to show that shine in bowling.

The fans are expecting them to show their batting performance the same as they did until now. But they sure seem to have to improve their bowling performance if they looking for a win in this match. Belagavi panthers would certainly not be making it easy to score a win. Although losing this match will not make such a big difference to them allowing the batsmen to play more freely.

This time around the bowling line-up will be led by Parsiddh Krishna and K Gowtham and looking good on their side. One small hurdle in their performance should not be able to demotivate them too much.

Belagavi Panthers:

The matchup is pretty difficult for the Panthers but being confident since the consecutive wins in the previous matches and their motivation is high too.

The team is backed up by good players like Stallin Hoover, Ravikumar Samarth, Abhinav Manohar, and Arshdeep Singh Brar. They have previously made some awesome contributions to making a huge difference in the overall outcome. Stallin Hoover will be leading the batting line up in this match but even if he fails there is enough power in the line up to succeed.

Batting against the tuskers will certainly be very difficult and bowling will have to be extraordinary to stop the Tuskers from Scoring too high.

Playing Conditions:

Todays Qualifiers will be played at Srikantadatta Narasimha Raja Wadiyar Ground, Mysore. With the weather forecast saying that the weather will be nice and shiny and the match should proceed smoothly.

The pith of the ground is very good for batting.