The domestic T20 leagues are flourishing in India after successful completion of Tamil Nadu Premier league there Karnataka Premier League to Look Forward to. The teams Hubli Tigers and Shiamogga Lions will be playing their first match of the league of this season Today. The match is going to take place at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru.

The Hubli Tigers finished second in the groups’ stage last time around but were not able to make space for themselves in the finals. The performance of Shivamogga lions was pathetic, finishing last in the season without having a single win in their name.

Match Overview:

Hubli Tigers:

Looking at the awesome performance of Hubli Tigers last Season of KPL they are looking pretty promising this season. They were able to retain some of the awesome players and has made some interesting additions to the team.

The fans will be focusing on the star player of the last season for Hubli Tigers, Mohammad Taha. Scoring 160 he was the second-highest scorer of the lase season and once again is expected to lead the batting line-up.

The bowling line-up was not bad either Taking 12 wickets in six matches last season which is the most of any bowler in the overall league. The second one is Vinay Kumar; the former Indian paceman was able to get 6 wickets in his name last season which was not able to stand up to the standards and might be looking forward to accomplishing something big this season.

Shivamogga Lions:

The Shivamogga lions’ performance last season was a complete disaster. Having no wins in their name they were at the last position. This time around the chances are not looking good either. The top two scorers of the last season of Shivamogga Lions have left the team.

Even though the new addition to the team looks promising enough but that alone will not be enough to win all the matches. Pawan Deshpande is a new addition to the team and was able to score 205 in the previous season. Although it was the second-highest score it won’t be enough if the team is not able to perform well.

The bowling of the team is also very weak and all in all, they will need to improve exponentially if they are looking for the win.

Playing Conditions:

Well, the match is expected to be interrupted by bad weather in Bengaluru today but we might be able to get the match in. the stadium is starting to return to its previous state and is favoring batsmen. We might be able to high scoring games if they are not interrupted by bad weather.


With the batting line-up of Shivamogga Lions, the chances are looking pretty slim for them and looking at the previous performance of the Hubli Tigers they are entering with better chances of winning.