Madurai Panthers vs Tutti Patriots, About the match.

Today’s match between Madurai Panthers and Tutti Patriots is going to be held at NPR College Grounds, Dindigul, India and the live broadcast of the match will begin at 7:15 when the match starts. According to the weather forecast, the weather is supposed to be dry during the evening with a little rain during the day. hopefully, the weather will clear when the match is underway.

  Team Preview:           

Madurai Panthers Team Players:

The Madurai Panthers this season will be facing the most successful team in TNPL history, TUTI Patriots. The main focus in this match will be whether Madurai Panthers will be able to perform well in the match and prove that they are the force to reckon with. Madurai Panthers were not able to perform that well in the opening two seasons of TNPL, it was in the third season that they were able to surprise the spectators and proved that they are slow to start but not completely worthless.

The batting line of the team is looking good this season as well with Arun Karthik, Jagadeesan Kousik, R Karthikeyan, and Thalaivan Sargunam. Although the batters aren’t as exceptional they are good enough to intimidate any team. The main focus in the team this season is Varun Chakravarthy. The spectators are eager to see the improvement in his performance and whether or not he is successful this season as well.

The mystery spinners of the team with Abhishek Tanwar and Rahil Shah are the bowlers of the team who are expected to perform and contribute towards the match. The efficiency of the bowling attack of the team depends on the Spinners and may suffer if they are not able to get wickets this match.

Team Composition TUTI Patriots:

As the world T20 is near the main focus for spectators in this match will be the performance of Washington Sundar. He has not been able to make a place for himself in either IPL or Indian Team even after receiving several chances. He has to perform extraordinarily this season to steal the spotlight. The Batting lineup alongside Sundar consists of Akshay Srinivasan and Murigesan Kamlesh while SP Nathan, Rajgopal and Dakshinamoorthy Kumaran are the bowlers of the team.

Match Prediction:

According to CBTF the presence of Washington Sundar in his peak form on TUTI patriots side will be overwhelming for Madurai Panthers and may give them the edge they require to win the match. every aspect point towards the victory of TUTI Patriots.