This season of Karnataka Premier League has been almost ruined due to the bad weather and rain in the state. The time and work that has been invested in the planning to win the match were all in vain. The only thing the players can do now is to hope that the weather favors them and the match goes on successfully.

Even after the bad weather, the game should continue and so it does. The fourteenth match of the season will be played today at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium. Belagavi Panthers were not able to secure victory in their previous match and it seems like the Bengaluru Panthers were finally able to score their first win of the season.

Team Overview:

Belagavi Panther:

The Addition of Manish Pandey to Belagavi Panther has certainly helped them a lot. Looking at their total score of 180 in their previous match Manish Pandey has played a major in role in giving a boost to the performance of Panthers. After looking at the extraordinary performance of Pandey there will be a lot on his shoulder as the expectation from him has increased. Scoring 102 in mere 50 balls and not out he completely destroyed the bowlers of opposition.

Others players from the team have been struggling to keep up with Manish Pandey and it was crystal clear in the previous match that the team has been depending too much on Manish and he was the only one supporting the weight of the team.

The bowling line-up of the team is also very pathetic and they hardly did anything to protect the opposition from climbing such a huge target. In the end, they lost the match because of their bad bowling.

Bengaluru Blasters:

Bengaluru Blasters were finally able to win their first match of this season. They had lost their first match of the season due to rain and because of the same rain, they were able to finally score a win in this season. The performance of Bengaluru Blasters has not been up to expectations and they were lacking in both the departments bowling as well as batting.

The rain has been the main factor behind them losing their first match and was also the reason they scored their first win. The Blasters will have to improve exponentially if they looking to go for a win in this match

Some Predictions:

The Bengaluru Blasters are too weak right now and would need so much more to be an expert so the victory of Belagavi Panthers is almost certain.